DietCocaine is a webcomic about nothing in particular. Most of the comics are just curious observations, introspective musings, or reflections of things I find peculiar or amusing. I’m not trying to tell jokes but if one or two comics produce a smile then that’s a bonus! As you can see I am no artist. There are plenty of sites with beautiful artistry and I’m not trying to play in that sandbox. I just doodle on sticky/post-it notes. I’m always looking for feedback so please feel free to leave a comment here about any of the comics, the site, or any musings or perspectives we may have in common

I try to publish a new comic three times a week…unless I run out of sticky notes!

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4 Responses to “About”

  1. breane fillman Says:

    Dood- these have been spread through-out my friends already! They gave me a good giggle, on a rainy day.
    Post up some more!

  2. Frank Says:

    Amazing. I can’t believe these aren’t more popular. The one about the bed hogging is an instant classic every man ever can relate to.

  3. AMonstErLIvesAlone Says:

    I don’t know how long you’ve had this website, or how long you’ve been using this name, but I can personally assure you that the real Diet Cocaine does not approve. The real Diet Cocaine is losing her name to people like you.

    Thank you and have a nice day~

  4. KOzS Says:

    May I have this site?

    I like the comics.

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